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Can I use this service if I don’t have a computer?

We realize that not everyone owns a computer. As MD House Calls is a mobile health provider we do not have an office with staff who take registrations or book appointments via phone. Our entire patient care process including registration, appointment booking, reminder emails, cancellations, and follow up messages is completed online.

Patients only need an email address and internet access in order to access patient care with MD House calls. Our website is mobile friendly and can be used on any smart phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.  Our patients who cannot use email or who do not have access to the internet will often ask their loved ones or caretakers to create an online account and book appointments for them.

Why does MD House Calls advise me that my family doctor may not want me to use this service?

Your family doctor works hard.

At MD House Calls, we know how hard they work because all of our physicians are family doctors and most are also emergency doctors.

It is not our goal to undermine the relationship you currently have with your family doctor. However, we believe it is important to be transparent with our patients so that they are equipped to make informed decisions about the type of care that is best for them.

The reason your family doctor may not want you to use our service has to do with the different ways that family doctors are compensated in Ontario.

Some family doctors, like those employed by MD House Calls, operate in a shared-care model and get paid each time they see you. When a shared-care doctor is not available, they won’t mind sharing patient care with another family physician because they are not financially penalized for doing so.

Other family doctors are compensated in a solo-care model and they are financially penalized when their patients see another family physician. When a solo-care family doctor is not available, they would prefer you to seek care in an emergency department because they are not financially penalized when you are seen by an emergency room doctor (Note: even though MD House Calls has emergency doctors that will come to your home, solo-care physicians will still be financially penalized under these circumstances).

If you currently have a solo-care family doctor, we would prefer that you honour the terms of the contract you signed with them and refrain from using our service. Failure to observe the terms of the contract you signed with a solo-care family doctor would be grounds for a solo-care doctor to fire you as a patient.

If you think that you would benefit from a house call – ask your solo-care family doctor if they do house calls, many will upon request. Alternatively, if you think that the solo-care model is not adequately meeting your health care needs you can ask your solo-care family doctor to switch to a shared-care model and refer you to our service using the Physician Referral Form located on our website.

Unsure if you have a shared-care or solo-care family doctor? Probably best to ask them before you register with us.

Can I use this service if I already have a family doctor?

Our goal is to improve primary care access for all patients in our service areas.  We recognize that there are many patients without family physicians.  We also recognize that some patients have family physicians who are located far away or who are difficult to access.  You can use our service if you already have a family physician, but we caution all patients that their family physicians may not approve of them using our service.

If you have a family physician who doesn’t do house calls and you think you would benefit from our service, consider asking for a referral to our program from your family doctor. This will allow us to share in your care with your family doctor and ensure that they receive a consultation report from us after we see you in your home.

What is your appointment cancellation policy?

We allow appointment cancellations up to 48hours before the appointment.  While we understand that unexpected events arise, please be mindful that cancelled appointments are especially inconvenient for our physicians as they will have allocated time to drive out to your residence and will have turned away other patients who need to be seen in order to accommodate you.  We do not charge any fees for missed appointments but reserve the right to refuse to see patients who take advantage of our service and unnecessarily inconvenience our physicians.

We will do our best to respect your time, however, please be advised that we may need to cancel appointments due to inclement weather. Furthermore, our physicians reserve the right to refuse to see patients in environments that they deem to be unsafe.

Why does MD House Calls not service my area?

We realize that there are people in every community who would benefit from our service. We would love to see them all, however, we can only see patients in areas where we have physicians currently working. Stay tuned to our website and check back with us frequently.  Hopefully, we will be coming to your community in the future!

When will the doctor arrive?

The physician will arrive within a window of time. Due to the nature of house calls, our physicians must plan the most expedient means of travelling between the addresses of all the patients that they are scheduled to see. Consequently, they cannot guarantee a specific time that they will be at your address. We ask all patients who book appointments to commit to being available for the entire timeframe.

Who are the doctors performing the house call services?

All of our physicians are graduates of Canadian medical schools and Canadian residency programs. They are all members in good standing of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Most have served their country honorably in the Canadian Armed Forces. Be sure to ask them about themselves when they are in your home, they are all have very diverse and interesting backgrounds!

What kinds of things can you do on a house call?

We can do many of the same things in your home that you can do in a traditional doctor’s office. This includes taking a history, performing a physical examination, ordering blood work and imaging, providing prescriptions, and making referrals to specialists.  Depending on the physician in your area, they may be able to do procedures as well.  If you have a unique request, please feel free to mention it in the appointment booking process and we will advise you if it is possible.

Can the physician examine more then one patient in a household on the same visit?

Yes, it is possible to examine multiple family members on the same visit. Please be sure to advise us in advance of how many family members will be seen so we can plan accordingly.

Do I have to pay anything?

No. Your visit is 100% OHIP covered.

How does it work?

Our physicians provide primary health care services to patients in the comfort of their homes.

Step One: Register

If you want to be seen by one of our physicians, the first step is to register with us.  The registration process is very important because it gives us all of the information that we require to ensure that we are providing you with high quality care.

Step Two: Book Appointment

Once you’ve registered, you will receive access to our appointment page where you can book an appointment.  This will be your opportunity to tell us why you want us to see you on his visit.

Step Three: The Visit

Once you have successfully booked an appointment, a physician will come to your home within the scheduled window of time and talk to you, examine you, order any necessary investigations, start any appropriate treatments, and arrange follow up.

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